Abel Arts Collective and Partners Host Keiki Art Show



The Abel Arts Collective has partnered with Hawaii environmental

nonprofits Sustainable Coastlines HI and PangeaSeed to create an art & environmental

curriculum for a group of local North Shore Elementary kids. The North Shore Ocean

Awareness Art Project uses art-based lessons led by local art teacher Laura Couto, to

educate youth about environmental issues affecting Hawaii’s oceans and habitats. The

goals are to foster activism through hands on learning and encourage creativity and

personal connection to these issues through art and critical thinking.


Since April 2015, the group has been meeting once a week at the North Shore Soap

Factory. During meetings they go through exercises from a workbook created by the

nonprofits for this project, learn about the issues from guest speakers, get their hands

dirty by cleaning local beaches, and create artwork that represents their environment

and feelings towards it.


The culmination of the project is an Art Show featuring the kids artwork, including a

group mosaic made from microplastic found on local beaches, at the Wyland Gallery

Haleiwa on May 16th form 4-6pm. The objective of the show is to give the kids a

platform to share what they’ve learned and the artwork representative of that. The Art

Show will also include a silent auction featuring the artwork the Project’s partner artists,

Colleen Wilcox, Welzie, Erik Abel, Brett Kirkpatrick, and Shannon McCarthy. All proceeds

from the auction will benefit the Project.


In addition to the May 16th event, several of the partner artists are offering prints for on

the Abel Arts Collective online store for a limited time, with a percentage of proceeds

benefitting the Abel Arts Collective. The workbooks are also available for sale, from

which all proceeds will be donated. More about the project can be found at



About the Abel Arts Collective

The Abel Arts Collective is a nonprofit founded by artist Erik Abel and his wife Nellie

Abel. Our mission is to create meaningful and inspirational public art that fosters

activism, positive self and community identity, and raises awareness for environmental

and humanitarian causes. We partner with artists, nonprofit organizations, and

communities to address local issues and use art as a tool for education and action.



Nellie Abel




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