One of Hawai'i’s rising stars, Kai Martin of Honolulu times a well-placed hack on and over the lip at Rocky Point.
Adur Amatriain travelled all the way from Europe to perform this speed slice on a nice V-land section.
One of dozens of young athletes to attend this season's Billabong Bloodline camps, Maui's Ocean Macedo enjoyed the coaching, training, practice sessions, and watery delights that came with the sign up!
João Mendonça finds a nice fit on Sunset's inside section.
Brodi Sale has been on a competitive tear of late, but suffice it to say his freesurfing antics are fast, progressive, and powerful!
Jamie Krups traveled to Hawai'i with a crew of red hot Hurley juniors. Jamie found himself more than a few good air sections.
Son of former world champ Mark Occhilupo, Jay Occhilupo throws some flair at Off The Wall.
Blessed with plenty of style and tons of raw talent, Kolohe Andino performs a nice, solid drop wallet at OTW.
Young Aussie Ethan Stocks admires the view on a nice inside wall at Sunset Beach.
Grayson Hinrichs stretching out in the back yard at Rocky Point.
Grayson Hindrichs unleashes a solid backhand gash.
During the Billabong Bloodlines Camp 2019 super grom Cannon Carr was grabbing rail while enjoying the best wave in the world on a super clean morning. photo: gOnzo
Betty-Lou Sakura looking fiesty at Off-the-Wall.
Jarvis Earle enjoys a little air time at Ehukai Beach Park.
Jai Glindeman was one of the visiting surfers for the Billabong Bloodlines camp this year. He had a smooth, stylish and well-rounded approach in all types of conditions.

Aperture / Grom Edition

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