Bethany Hamilton Announces Baby on Board

Kauai ripper Bethany Hamilton and husband Adam Dirks recently announced that they’re having a baby boy! 22-weeks pregnant, Bethany has continued to surf throughout the early months, charging Teahupoo and Pipe, and says she plans to surf as long as she can. “Once the belly’s pretty big, maybe just mellow it out and spend more time swimming and just enjoying the ocean,” remarks Bethany in a YouTube video posted by The Huffington Post.
The baby is due early June, and the parents announced that they will be keeping the name a secret until he is born. Both Bethany and Adam are very excited about parenthood and appreciate the support they’ve received so far. “We’re going to be jumping into this adventure together,” says father-to-be, Adam Dirks. “We’re going to have to find that balance and I know I’m going to be there to support my family.”
The Womens Pipeline Pro is happening this year in conjunction with the annual Surf N Sea Pipeline Pro, with the waiting period happening between March 16-24. Bethany Hamilton took home the championship title last year, but does she plan to compete again this year…? You’ll know when we know!

From Bethany’s site

My surf film, “Surfs Like a Girl,” will be a bit delayed in filming and releasing, but for the best reason ever – [WATCH THE VIDEO :) ] – Adam and I found out 5 months ago we are expecting a child! I’m happy to share this wonderful time in our lives with you! We are looking forward to becoming parents early this summer. I’ve always looked forward to one day being a mom and now that the time is coming; it is pretty nerve-racking. I pray that the Lord will lead Adam and I in this new step in life, that we may show the ways of the Lord to our child and future children. Last year was an EPIC year; I think this year will be even more exciting and memorable!

I have been surfing as much as I can before lil Jr. takes over my belly, so this past month I surfed a lot of fun waves; loving surfing just as much as ever!


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