Photo: Sean Reilly

Dylan Makai Franzmann

By Sean Reilly

Hometown: Sunset Beach, Oahu

DOB: January 4, 2002

Height/Weight: 5’0/ 90 lbs.

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: RVCA, Excel, Famous, T&C Surfboards and my parents.

Recent Accomplishments: NSSA Reginal Champ in Open Boys Division

Dylan, D-Boy, Franzmann is not your ordinary 12 year old. This 6th grade stud is busting maneuvers that most life long surfers never even attempt, let alone pull off. You can find this little ripper throwing massive power hacks at Sunset, packing double up barrels at Velzyland, or punting Kalani David inspired alley oops at Rockys. Needless to say, this grommet has the repertoire of a seasoned veteran and can hold his own in just about any line up he paddles into.

Not only does Dylan ooze talent, this super grom has the perfect combination of stoke and focus with all the right backing in all the right places. By the age of two, the North Shore native was already picking off waves at Ali‘i’s tandem style with papa Franzmann. By nine, the young shredder was turning heads at NSSA contests. Now Dylan lives in front of arguably the most progressive break on the planet (Rocky Point) and is mentored by Hawaii Surf Team coach and North Shore legend Kahea Heart. And did I mention that this grade school shralper does research and development for world renown shaper Glenn Pang?

Hawaii has no shortage of youthful endowment, but this talented up-and-comer is a step above the rest. Capable of just about anything he puts his mind too, Dylan is hungry for success. Watch out for this little guy in the near future.

What is something that most people know about you?

I have a lot of surfboards. I kind of have a lot of stuff I guess. And I’m kind of spoiled. So when people think of Dylan Franzmann they probably think of spoiled (laughing).

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I’m a quarter Japanese.

Tell us about your first surfing memory.

I remember surfing when I was two years old. I was at inside Haleiwa with my dad on this 8’0 longboard. He would put me in front, and my dad, he likes to build a lot of stuff, so he put these little custom handles on his old longboard. He is a really good ding repair guy, so he glassed in these handles for me. I would hold on to them and surf these little waves all the way in with him.

Your favorite break?

I really like surfing V Land. I think V Land is a really good wave because it’s super high performance. I’ve seen guys punt the biggest airs I’ve ever seen, I’ve seen guys get barreled, and I’ve seen guys do huge turns.

Do you have any friendly rivalries? Surf buddies who push you in and out of the water?

I always like surfing with guys that I compete with, like Isaiah Briley and Reef Tsutsui and Bo Stone. Those are the kids I always surf with and I like hanging out with. I’ve known them for a long time and have always liked surfing with them.

Riding for Glenn Pang, you must have quite the arsenal. What’s your quiver look like?

Mostly boards around 5’0 and 5’2 for my regular short boards. But whenever I’m surfing something bigger than 6 foot I ride something bigger. I have a couple step ups like a 5’6 and a 5’9 and I just ordered a 6’0.

What maneuvers are you currently working on?

I’ve been trying to work on airs that not many people do. A lot of kids don’t try alley oops yet, so I’ve been going for that instead of the air reverse. I always thought that guys like Felipe Toledo and Kalani David can do sick alley oops, so I want to do that instead of the air reverse.

Who are your favorite surfers?

I really like the way Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson surf. I like all the Ausies. They shred. They are not really the guys doing the biggest airs, but they’re the guys doing the coolest looking turns and getting the most barreled out of everybody. I like that.

Who or what motivates you?

Before I started surfing I always looked up to guys like Finn Mcgill and Barron Mamiya. All those kids who were older than me and surfed well and charged. There was a point I didn’t like surfing. I was always scared after this one wipeout I had. I didn’t surf for two whole months, all I did was skate. But then I saw these kids surfing so well I wanted to jump in and do it. They really motivated me.

Future goals? 

My future goals are surfing bigger waves and Pipe. I’m not really into that. I’m into surfing Sunset, but by the end of 2014 I want to be surfing 6 to 8 foot Pipe. That and I want to win US champs this year. I’m the top of the age division, not the best surfer, but the oldest one doing it. I want to win that thing so bad. The nationals of HSA at Lowers this summer.

When you’re not surfing, what else do you like to do? 

In the summer time I really like to spearfish and pole fish off the beach. I think I like doing that the most out of any hobby. I go with a three prong. I got a two pound papio out here (points to Rockys). It was a little fatty. I was so happy with that fish, I was claiming it and everything.



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