First Name Basis: Leo Fioravanti

Italy is not known for surfing, but for Leo Fioravanti, he is proving that geographic boundaries don’t have to hold you back. Speaking 5 languages and spending much of his time on the road traveling, Leo has honed his skills to become one of the top surfers in his age brackets. But it’s humble beginnings that have kept him grounded. Since those early days, Leo has competed all over the world, flying the Italian flag proudly, and has found a special love for the powerful waves of Hawaii.

While Leo had a standout season this winter, it all came to a screeching halt. Shortly after our interview, Leo took a nasty wipeout during the Volcom Pipe Pro event. Hitting the reef hard, Leo was brought in and suffered 2 cracked vertebrae. Currently Leo is working on rehabilitation and recovery, but we know he’ll bounce back and we wish him the best of luck heading into the rest of the year.

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