Fred Pattachia Retires Perfectly

In case you missed it, North Shore Oahu’s Fred Patacchia announced his retirement from WCT competition, at Hurley Pro at Trestles. The announcement came in spectacular fashion after he absolutely smashed his round 1 heat. During the heat, Fred was sitting on a solid score of an 8.90 and then dropped an absolute hammer belting a right hander with some fierce back hand slams; resulting in a score of a perfect 10. Once the score was announced and with a few minutes left in the heat, Fred promptly came to the beach to be greeted by friends and family. On the webcast, a very gracious and humble Fred thanked his friends, family, sponsors, shapers, and the surfing community as a whole for their support during his surfing career. However, Fred isn’t hanging up the competition jersey just yet. He says he still wants to compete in the Triple Crown and in some prime events. Hopefully we will see him in this year’s Pipe Masters too.

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