Hot Shots / Freesurf’s Five Favorite Photogs


Brent Bielmann

Age | 26
Location | North Shore, Oahu
Experience | 11 years shooting
Favorite Wave | Pipeline
Favorite Rig | Fisheye or 50mm
Most known for | Water photos
Influences | The ocean, nature and my uncle.
Motivation | Staying fit, healthy, and enjoying all the ocean has to offer.
Best thing about being behind the lens | Not being behind a desk.





dane-gradyDane Grady

Age | 26
Location | Kilauea, Kauai
Experience | 7 years shooting
Favorite wave | Pipeline and Backdoor
Favorite Rig | Canon 7d/70-200 F4 in an Essex Water Housing
Known for | Scenics and images of exploding waves
Influences | Jon Mozo. Also being around the ocean and taking in all of her moods and characters sparks my creative drive.
Motivators | I love going on a mission, physically working to get the image. Also shooting places where no one else is around. Solitude always makes it extra special.





Ehitu Keeling

Age | 27
Location | Waimea/Kona, Big Island
Experience | I’ve been shooting photos ever since I can remember.
Favorite wave | Slabs
Favorite Rig | Taro Housing with my canon 7d with 15mm wide angle.
Known for | My angles and perspectives of surf spots and also just being down for missions.
Inspirations | Our Hawaiian culture! And Zak Noyle and Chris Burkard.
Motivators | Big heavy, hallow barrels. Also, feeding off of everybody’s energy, especially if the boys are charging!
Best thing about being behind the lens | Being rewarded by reviewing the places you’ve been, and seeing how blessed we are to be on this Aina!




Jake Marote

Age | 26
Location | Hilo, Hawai’i
Experience | Almost 2 years shooting
Favorite Wave | Pipe
Favorite Rig | Canon 7D mark ii in a CMT housing with my Tokina 10-17 fisheye.
Known for | My Instagram and my account name, @jake_of_all_trades
Influences | I first got into photography after my friend Shaun Harada (@2scoopsofaloha) made me an Instagram account. Also Zak Noyle and Chris Burkard.
Best thing about being behind the lens | It’s taught me to appreciate the little things.





Keoki Saguibo

Age | 30
Location | North Shore, Oahu
Experience | 5 years shooting
Favorite wave | Pipeline
Favorite Rig | Canon 1DX with a Canon 16-35mm in SPL waterhousings.
Known for | Being the guy in the silver helmet in the water blocking shots! This is my apology for past and future instances.
Inspirations | Brian Bielmann, Ted Grambeau, Morgan Maassen and Zak Noyle.
Motivators | My family will always be my number one motivation. Linking up on a good wave. The feeling of someone appreciating your work.
Best thing about being behind the lens | I get barreled more at Pipe then I ever did before.



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