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NSSA Hawaiian Regional Championships Presented by Mad Love (193 Photos)

Kewalos was buzzing with young rippers this past week, as groms from all islands gathered to compete for the Hawaii Regional title at the 2015 NSSA Hawaiian Regional Championships Presented by Mad Love. Sunny skies made for a comfortable three days while coaches and parents posted up on the grassy area and under tents, and waves in the 1 to 2ft. with occasional 3-footers were on tap for some serious hacks and punts during the Finals.

The surfers, supporters and sponsors were in good spirits throughout the event, while North Shore shaper and guest announcer Joe DeMarco’s voice echoed throughout the park to add enthusiasm. Delicious food was handed out free to all competitors, and all groms went home with plenty prizes and a smile from ear to ear.

The NSSA is one of the few national youth sports organizations that require its participants to maintain academic standards in order to compete. Since 1978, the NSSA program philosophy has been that athletics and scholastics go hand in hand. More than 80 NSSA events are run nationwide that culminate with the annual National Championships which is regarded as the highest profile youth surfing event in America.

A big congratulations to all the competitors and winners! The NSSA Regional Championships is a great indicator of the talent that’s erupting from Hawaii, and the bright future of surfing.

Open Mens
1. Seth Moniz
2. Taichi Wakita
Open Women
1. Brisa Hennessy
2. Julie Nishimoto
3. Moana Jones
4. Kahanu Delovio
Open Jrs
1. Barron Mamiya
2. Cody Young
3. Loa Ng
4. Logan Bediamol
Open Boys
1. Robert Grilho
2. Jackson Bunch
3. Ocean Macedo
4. Sammy Gray
5. Eli Hanneman
6. Brodi Sale
Open Girls
1. Sara Wakita
2. Zoe McDougall
3. Julie Nishimoto
4. Kelta O’Rouke
5. Luana Silva
6. Kailani Jones
Open Mini Groms
1. Keanu Taylor
2. Ty Simpson-Kane
3. Makana Franzmann
4. Diego Ferri
5. Levi Young
6. Maikai Burdine
Open Longboard
1. Kelta O’Rouke
2. Tabbi Knudson
3. Riley Pardini
4. Moana Jones
5. Lola Schremmer
6. Mason Schremmer
Explorer Mens
1. Elijah Gates
2. Cole Alves
3. Christopher Bluthart
4. Kala Willard
Explorer Jrs
1. Imai DeVault
2. Elijah Gates
3. Seth Moniz
4. Noa Mizuno
5. Liam McTigue
6. Cody Young
Explorer Womens
1. Brisa Hennessy
2. Julie Nishimoto
3. Kahanu Delovio
4. Zoe Mc Dougall
5. Moana Jones
6. Emily Nishimoto
Explorer Boys
1. Barron Mamiya
2. Sammy Gray
3. Cole Alves
4. Wyatt McHale
5. Ocean Donaldson-Sargis
6. Logan Bediamol
Explorer Girls
1. Summer Macedo
2. Julie Nishimoto
3. Gabriella Bryan
4. Zoe McDougall
5. Sara Wakita
6. Luana Silva
Explorer Menehunes
1. Robert Grilho
2. Brodi Sale
3. Eli Hanneman
4. Jackson Bunch
5. Kai Martin
6. Dylan Franzmann
Explorer Super Groms
1. Diego Ferri
2. Keanu Taylor
3. Makana Franzmann
4. Luana Silva
5. Kai Martin
6. Levi Young
Explorer Womens Longboard
1. Kelta O’Rouke
2. Moana Jones
3. Riley Pardini
4. Tabbi Knudson
5. Mason Schemmer
6. Lola Schremmer
Explorer Mens SUP
1. Ty Simpson-Kane
2. Dylan Schmarr
3. Alex Mawae
Explorer Womens SUP
1. Lara Claydon
2. Mason Schremmer
3. Lola Schremmer
Explorer Senior
1. Keith Miura
Explorer Super Senior
1. Raymond Shito
2. Keith Miura
Explorer Duke
1. Raymond Shito
1. Seth Moniz
Freddy P’s Golden Ticket
Axel Rosenblad
Jason Nalu Bogle Grants
Presented by Rory Parker
Makana Pang
Kalani Rivero
Max Meister
Lo’he Laanui
Tahaki Papki
Jake Riccobuano
Gavin Hogan
Jason Nalu Bogle
Custom Surfboard shaped
by HIC
Ty Simpson-Kane
Mad Love Grant
Kai Martin
Julie Nishimoto
Xcel Grant
Tegan Harrs
Tabbi Knudson
Jake Maki
Troy Osada
Malik Hurdman
Aunty Miko Grant
Levi Young
Sean Moody
Round trip outer island airfare
Koa Yokota
Hawaii Surf Team
Robert Grilho
Luana Silva
Wyland Grant
Angelina Yossa
Ocean Donaldson-Sargis
Surfco Hawaii Surfers
Lo’he Laanui
Gabbi Knudson

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