Australian surf photographer and filmer Tony “Harro” Harrington has been on a global mission chasing hollow waves for his latest surfing documentary iON the Barrel Vol. II which has its Hawaiian premiere at Surfer Bar’s Talk Story on Wed. 3 December.

talk-story-surfer-barHarro confesses he’s been hooked on barrels since he bagged his first tube ride at his local beach as a 12 year old riding a single fin.

He has been travelling and filming all year, from Hawaii to California and Indonesia then road-tripping thousands of miles across the Australian Nullabor desert and back – documenting the whole adventure.   The result is a film packed with awe-inspiring waves and plenty of great stories from along the road.

“The film has the barrel at its heart; it’s the “Holy Grail” for surfers and what keeps us searching and surfing and what drives me to make films,” explains Harro. “It’s a celebration of the characters, the beautiful places and the stories we find along the road which makes it richer and gives it wide appeal.”

“We scored one of the most solid winters at Hawaii’s Pipeline in memory earlier this year, one of the biggest sessions we’ve witnessed at Jaws in five years, a crystal clear morning at Mavericks and some stunning days in wild and remote NW and South Australia.  It was a real challenge editing it down because there were just so many incredible days we wanted to fit in,” explains Harro.

Fellow Aussie and big wave charger Jamie Mitchell will join Harro on stage for the Talk Story as will Reef McIntosh and local shaper Jon Pyzel who both feature in the documentary.  Mitchell’s segment in the film tracks him on an epic swell chase from Oahu to Maui and over to Mavericks, “It was a big week of flying, driving, boat rides, massive waves and adrenaline levels at a high and we take audiences on that journey” says Harro.

Filled with gritty interviews and riveting high definition footage of Australia’s heaviest slabs, Indo perfection, Hawaiian juice and the Mavericks matadors, ‘ION The Barrel VOL II’ will lock you in and spit you out in hail of stoke.

— Luke Kennedy TRACKS Editor

It’s … a throw back to when surf movies were a bit more soulful and had a purpose.    – Dave Kalama, surfer

iON the Barrel Vol II is the second documentary film in a project involving surfers, photographers and filmers online at

Surf the Barrel is pleased to partner with Take 3 – A Clean Beach Initiative, Shapers Fins, Surf the Earth, EYEYE Supply and iON Camera.


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