Jamie O’Brien Hits His Head on the Pipeline Reef

We are wishing Jamie O’Brien a speedy recovery after he hit his head on the reef at Pipe over the weekend, resulting in a bad concussion and nine staples! 🤕

“I almost died at Pipeline! I am lucky to be alive today… I took a bad wipeout, hit my head on the reef, and blacked out. I am thankful for @buellsurf for making me a wetsuit with its own built in impact vest that saved my life and brought me to the surface. So thankful that when I gained consciousness @scottyvibes and @bitz_n_pieces were there to help me to the beach! From there I went to the emergency room and got nine staples to the skull and feel like shit, haha. Thanks @tina.cohen for taking care of me.” – Jamie O’Brien

Video by 🎥 @tomomcphoto @reardontim


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