Freddy Booth

Keoki Update

Aloha to the family and friends of Keoki Saguibo…

I was fortunate enough to talk to him only moments ago and learned the good news that the doctors have said he is expected to make a full recovery over time.  They are taking a closer look at his lungs and his ribs because he is still only able to take half-breaths and still experiencing quite a bit of pain.  Thankfully now that he is in a place with adequate medical facilities he should be out of immediate danger.

If all goes well he should be back in Hawaii within the next 10 days.

He wanted to make sure that everyone knows how grateful and thankful he was to see and hear about all the community support.  It really helped him pull through some dark times in the last three or four days.

In the end we were laughing because I told him I was going on a trip early next week and the surf was supposed to be perfect 4-6 feet here at home and I was going to miss out!!  Once a surfer always a surfer. !!  It was good to hear him chuckle.  – Mike Latronic


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