Grant "Twiggy" Baker. Photo: Keoki

Live from the 2016 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau

The 2016 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau is ON and a host of surfing’s biggest names are all vying for a chance to win, arguably, the most prestigious surf contest in history. The ethos surrounding the conditions, the crowd size, the names and the entire day is nothing short of epic. Below are a few words on what the competitors had to say about this historic contest running in such historic, heavy conditions. — Cash Lambert 

Jamie O'Brien
Jamie O’Brien. Photo: Keoki

“It’s big. and scary. It’s a full Brock swell. I almost thought it was going to be too big but its perfect. Its as big as Waimea can handle and is ridable. There’s close out sets but its still manageable and we still have the best water patrol in the world. I feel safe in that sense.” — Sunny Garcia

“It’s big and wild and willy. It’s 20-25 feet and a little ragged. It’s exciting to have the Eddie for sure. I’m excitied to be here and excited to see it happen. It’s such a great event, the energy….I was walking up the beach and everybody is so pumped dand excited. There’s no event like it. — Shane Dorian

“Just super emotional, been a long time since we had our last Eddie. There’s just a love and aloha from everybody on the beach from Hawaii and the world, all for my brother Eddie. It’s humbling, its great to have my last opportunity to ride some big ones for Eddie. — Clyde Aikau

“I don’t think its any coincidense at all that this swell came right after Brock’s passing. I think he’s had his hand in this swell coming to us. Thanks Brock… [Here at the beach] it’s great, its electric. It’s moving around, you can hear the crowd from the beach and see these giant lumps standing up on the horizon, some are going inside on the ledge some are breaking way out. It’s cat and mouse, you never know how it’s going to come in. — Mark Healey


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