Mason Ho is “Eel Boy”

A Rip Curl-emblazoned nose barely dodging solid lava rocks. Dreamy, spitting barrels coupled with surgical cutbacks, knifing hacks and gravity-defying boosts. All to the tune of wailing 60s surf rock guitar and the smiling, mohawk-clad face of everyone’s favorite North Shore son — and that’s only the first three minutes of Mason Ho’s newest release, “Eel Boy,” an homage to his best rides of the 2017/18 winter so far that was unveiled on Tuesday morning.

The second half of the video? All footage of Mason, his equally stylish father and sister, and all their friends (including but hardly limited to Cheeseburger, Kelly Slater, and Sheldon Paishon) and credits to the filmers, surfer, and the boards they’re riding. The edit is pure North Shore — teeming with the no-holds-barred fun freestyling and community living that defines this region. It’s time to check out the most hyped-up six minutes of the season, courtesy of no better representative that Mason Ho.


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