One Way Ticket with Alex Smith

“Traveling solo around the world is one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had. Words can’t begin to describe the feeling, so I’ve put together a video from my six month journey. Here’s where a one way ticket lead me during my Summer away from the usual routine.”
– Alex Smith

Created by Sam Potter and Alex Smith

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Big thanks to those who made this journey special.
My Family, Sam Potter, Ryan Runke, Saad Abid, Mustapha Elbaz, Surf Green Morocco, Othman HOTMAN Chufani, Eva Gutowski, Mattia Mori, Nalu Bowls, Will Fenton, Johny Jungle, Arpade Leclere + family, Kayu Vianna, Ref, Riley Laing, Brent Beilman, Scotty Hammonds, Damea Dorsey, Brad Domke, Owen Milne, David Sterman, Brad Domke, Rafaski, Dylan Palmer, Carlo Coral, Mustapha Elbaz, Chris Rogers, Matt Stine, John from Bali, Timmy Toes, Jimmy Hendrix, Bear Bailey, Ubud, Euros, Austin, Benji Brand and many more…

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Bali adventures –
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Waste Of Time by MØ
Operate by ASTR
Final Song by MØ


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