Open Space funding to preserve Maui’s Hamakualoa Coastline

For the first time ever, these lands have become available on the open market.  Although private property for over 100+ years, it has served and been heavily utilized by the public for an array of recreation, relaxation and subsistence purposes.

This area is rich in native Hawaiian cultural sites and landscapes; Is host to endangered species; possesses an expanse of breathtaking scenic beauty of both miles of coastal shoreline and Maui’s beloved Mauna Haleakala and Mauna Ka Halawai; offers shoreline access at several points along the coast; and is the backdrop of the world renowned and iconic Peahi surf break aka JAWS.

It was the vision of Maui’s own late Congresswoman Patsy Mink to establish a North Shore Heritage Corridor running along Maui’s North Shore coastline allowing access for all.

A significant portion of Patsy’s vision has been realized in the Hamakuapoko district, and now the time has come to string the blossoms of the Hamakualoa district onto the lei of Maui’s North Shore Coastal Heritage Corridor for present and future generations to malama, cherish and enjoy in perpetuity.

Since the inception of Maui County’s Open Space Fund in 2002, many significant and special places have been preserved and saved from development.  This is so important to Maui County that it is mandated in our governing County Charter with a funding mechanism built in.

With a healthy trust fund balance; No other sensitive land areas currently in imminent threat of development (so to speak); coupled with the Kuiaha lands still held under one ownership with minimal costly entitlements and infrastructure to inflate an appraised value; and the fact that the Hamakualoa district has never received the benefits of the Open Space Preservation Fund, it is fitting, timely and appropriate that the theme for the Maui County Fiscal Year 2016 Open Space Fund be Hamakualoa.


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