Ian Walsh, 2015 HIC Pro Champion. Photo: Heff

Through the Lens: 2015 HIC PRO

Jack Robinson’s perfect 10! Ola Eleogram hunting for a board just before his heat! Navigating Sunset’s exploding shorebreak! When you hear a good story or see a great photo, like any of the aforementioned, you can’t help but share it. Thus, we’ve covered such storylines from the start of the 2015 Triple Crown season: the HIC Pro. Didn’t know Ian Walsh’s thoughts on his $16,000 1st place prize purse? Find out here! Interested to see why (2014’s HIC Pro winner) Danny Fuller’s style in and out of the water is best described as poetic? Here you go! Our tan photographers spent much of the post-contest weekend discussing these topics while clicking and editing and cropping through a vat of compiled contest images (indeed, they shot from the water despite proper Sunset conditions). Like a good story, we couldn’t keep these all to ourselves. And we hope you don’t either. – Cash Lambert 


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