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Photos Sean Evans  @waterworkmedia

International photographer Sean Evans @waterworkmedia was in Fiji during the dates of April 3-14 and scored two great swells at Cloudbreak. Featuring Livin Tevita Loca, Rochelle Hathaway, Dylan Fish, Dingo Morrison and Tia Blanco.

Livin Tevita Loca was riding a new board from the Cigarette Surfboard. They were in Fiji looking for locals to ride their new boards and document the footage. It was rad Tevita he got one of the best waves of the trip on it. The guys at @thecigarettesurfboard were stoked and have a film coming out soon. The board he rode was a single fin which made things interesting on a wave at Cloudbreak. Not many of the guys were interested in riding it but if anyone was going to tame a beast on it, it was Tevita.


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