The 2014 ISA World Junior Championship is underway in Salinas, Ecuador. With great surfing action from the world’s best male and female junior surfers, the competition intensifies as the Repechage Rounds continue today.

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The contest format is double-elimination, so failing to take first or second in a four-surfer heat moves the competitor into this Repercharge bracket. A loss there eliminates the junior from the event. This is a do-or-die round, if a surfer gets 3rd or 4th place, the athlete is out of the contest.

Hawaii is cheering on the home team, with champions Josh Moniz, Tatiana Weston-Webb and Mahina Maeda eager to defend their titles. If Hawaii is to continue its team success on the podium, having won the silver last year and gold in 2012, the fresh faces on the boys side will have to make some deep runs to keep up with the anticipated success the girls should provide.


The 2014 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship resumes at 7:40am with The Morning Show hosted by Beau Hodges, and with guests from Team Wales. Following that, here’s what the competition will feature:

Main Podium:
5 Heats Qualify 3 Boys U-16
3 Heats Qualify 3 Girls U-18
3 Heats Qualify 4 Boys U-16
3 Heats Qualify 4 Boys U-18
6 Heats Repechage 2 Boys U-18

Second Podium:
2 Heats Repechage 1 Boys U-16
12 Heats Repechage 1 Boys U-18
6 Heats Repechage 2 Girls U-16
6 Heats Repechage 2 Girls U-18
12 Heats Repechage 2 Boys U-16

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