China Uemura Wahine Classic 2015

China Uemura’s Wahine Classic 2015
Words and Photography: Keoki Saguibo
The 19th Annual China Uemura Wahine Classic was held at Waikiki Beach on June 6-7th 2015. “Uncle China” as we know him, a South Shore beach boy, radiates his Aloha by raising monies to support non-profit organizations within the community through surfing events. The Sexual Abuse Treatment Center of Hawaii is the participating non-profit organization China’s Wahine Classic 2015.
Four disciplines that made up the Wahine Classic include Shortboard, Longboard, Stand-Up Paddle, and a Team challenge, with age-divisions from 7 and under to 60 and over. With shoulder-high semi-consistent surf rolling through Waikiki, the highlights of the event was the anticipated Women’s Pro-Am longboard division. South Shore’s own Megan Godinez picked off a couple set wave’s with a mixture of nose rides and skillful maneuvering, awarding her the title for the 3rd year in a row. North Shore’s Rosie Jaffurs displayed a stylish hang ten in the final of the Women’s division giving her the big W. Rosie also teamed up with Tiki Willis, Mason and Lola Schremmer for the highly competitive team division as team Margaritaville. They edged out team Ala Moana Surf Bowls with a total score of 114.5 to 113.5.  
 Apart from the surfing action, Uncle China gave away six brand-new surfboards to students who’s grades were most improved through out the 2014-2015 school year. Contestants also shared there “Aloha Spirit” with Team Guam donating $1000 to the event also Mason and Lola Schremer donating their Pro-Am winnings back to Uncle China. 
Uncle China is consistently looking to help his community by spreading his Aloha through his surfing events. The China Uemura Wahine Classic is a perfect representation of one man helping his community, and a community putting into action what Uncle China taught us from the beginning, the true spirit of “Aloha.”

  1. Megan Godinez
  2. Lawaun Tomas
  3. Mason Schremmer
  4. Lola Schremmer
17 and under
  1. Mason Schremmer
  2. Kelis Kaleopaa
  3. Tiki Willis
  4. Brittany Penarosa
  5. Kirra Seale
  6. Katlyn Buckwalter 
  1. Lawaun Tomas
  2. Danger Lates
  3. Sayuri Hashimoto
  4. Kealohi Sabate
  5. Candice Krieger
  6. Missy Valdez
30 and over
  1. Yukiko Whiteside
  2. Aki Siatan
  3. Yumiko Nishikawa
10 and under
  1. Kelis Kaleopaa
  2. Bettylou Johnson
  3. Scarlett Schremmer
  4. Journney Regelbrugge
  5. Marina Fonseca
  6. Seanna Glatzel
  1. Tiki Willis
  2. Keani Canullo
  3. Lola Schremmer
  4. Ayla Sprecher
  5. Tyrra Gallano
  6. Mahina Akaka
  1. Kirra Seale
  2. Mason Shremmer
  3. Sally Cohen
  4. Kathleen Buckwalter
  5. Grace Crespo
  6. Kainani Gruspe
  1. Rosie Jaffurs
  2. Sayuri Hashimoto
  3. Kimmie Chong
  4. Dominuque Miller
  1. Alexis Inso
  2. Krystal Rocha
  3. Kaui Cuban
  4. Ayako Imai
  5. Mayuko Larkins
  6. Aki Siatan
  7. Virginia Fajardo
  1. Maki Sakita
  2. Livia Nahinu
  3. Mimi Horiuchi
  4. Stephanie Gailey
  5. Etsuko Kealakai
  6. Jacinda Seale
  1. Mayumi Kimura
  2. Lisa Gonzales
  3. Cassy Boyce
  4. Pua Kane
  5. Pinoi Makalena
  6. Roxanne Young
60 and over
  1. Betty Depolito
Stand-Up Paddle
17 and under
  1. Mason Schremmer
  2. Lola Schremmer
  3. Sally Cohen
  4. Mahina Akaka
  1. Dominique Miller
  2. Candide Kreiger
  3. Kaninani Yockman
31 and over
  1. Jodi Kealoha
  2. Helen Villena
  3. Pinoi Makalena

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