Gavin Beschen / North Shore

Rocky Rights, Pipeline, Backdoor, Foodland and the bike path: where haven’t you seen Gavin Beschen? The 39 year old, known for his long blonde hair and humble, friendly nature is a frequent in our Norh Shore scene. So what keeps the lanky surfer with an arsenal of above and below the lip skills here?

First, the waves. The San Clemente native who is a longtime Volcom sponsor is first and foremost known for his pro run in the 90s, where he won theXcel pro in proper sunset Beach conditions. In 2000, he laid claim to first place at the Red Bull tube ride contest in Brazil, long before the now relevant Brazilian storm was even a thought. The North Shore presents an opportuny for Gavin to surf year around without hectic and international travel schedules.
Second, family. To Gavin, where else would you rather raise two children than the tight knit surf community that is the the seven mile miracle? From morning and late afternoon surf sessions to rides down the bike path and doing so with his children, it’s evident Gavin wants his family to learn and live the North Shore way. The Beschens also have phenomenal musical talent, as his family -in band form – has serenaded thick crowds at Waimea Valley’s monthly Freesurf fests with sweet melodies and soft uke tunes.
And third, the North Shore is also a place where Gavin can continue a healthy lifestyle, where he can keep pushing the limits of his own surfing and adapt and evolve as younger generations keep pushing the envelope. And charge.

Although Gavin and the Beschens are mainland transplants, they epitomize the North Shore vibe and more importantly continue to define the timeless spirit of Aloha.


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