Living Pono With Hawaiian Ola

The Hawaiian word pono can translate to many words – good, righteous, fair, beneficial, in perfect order… but regardless of the semantics, the meanings are all synonymous for a lifestyle that Freesurf loves and promotes. Eating well, enjoying the ocean, planting a garden or sharing waves are all ways of living pono, and kicking off this month’s feature is a very unique, very righteous grassroots company called Hawaiian Ola.

If you haven’t heard of noni, you may be surprised to know that it grows wild all over the Hawaiian Islands. The small, flowering, everbearing green shrub was brought over in 400 A.D. by Polynesian wayfarers because of its variety of uses – medicinally to help deep cuts and wounds, artfully to make yellow, purple and red dyes, and bodily as a digestive aid and to promote healthy skin.

While you may not recognize noni in nature, chances are you know the smell, since noni is notoriously pungent, especially in its raw form. So praise the creators of Hawaiian Ola for coming up with a recipe that blends together organic Hawaiian noni and organic fruit juices to create a delicious tasting beverage that is good for the body, inside and out!

What makes Hawaiian Ola so beneficial? For surfers and other athletes, the ingredients in Hawaiian Ola not only keep you hydrated and help reduce muscle cramping (any athlete knows the pain of a Charley horse), but they also provide a longer sustaining energy throughout the day (no jitters or crashing) that keeps the blood flowing and the body happy. Rehydrating, cleansing and detoxifying, Hawaiian Ola drinks are anti-inflammatory and great for balancing out high blood pressure and cholesterol.

For those of you that rely on energy shots to get you through the day, know that Hawaiian Ola’s Noni Energy shots provide 150mg of organic plant-based caffeine in the form of Yerba Mate and Green Tea, a full serving of Hawaiian noni, plus vitamins B3, B6, B9 and B12. All Hawaiian Ola products also maintain all USDA organic, non-GMO and fair-trade certified ingredients.

Big Island junior pro surfer and Hawaiian Ola team rider Uluboi Napeahi has been on the noni kick, saying that he surfs “up to five hours a day minimum, and without Hawaiian Ola I wouldn’t be able to do it.” Ulu continues: “The aftermath of consuming this product has no effect causing laziness or tiredness. Just like anything know your limits. It’s a great burst of energy.”

Not only is Hawaiian Ola a refreshing flavor that’s brilliant for your body, but it’s also created for a pono cause.

Quite possibly the best attribute of Hawaiian Ola is the mission that gets worked into each and every bottle and can. “The heart of Hawaiian Ola is what drives our genuine interest to improve the landscape for Hawaiian farmers,” describes Naeha Breeland, Hawaiian Ola outreach specialist. “It’s for Hawai’i, and for Hawaiian agriculture.” The mission-based company has a very direct goal in mind, and that is to support a thriving Hawaiian environment and economy by empowering local farmers producing organic, responsibly grown crops.

Currently, less than 1% of agriculture in Hawai’i is organic. Hawaiian Ola’s whole idea is to cultivate local farmers that promote Hawaiian agriculture, sustainability and organic farming, to create a better lifestyle and future for the islands. Which means every time you support Hawaiian Ola, you’re supporting a healthier practice of farming and agriculture, and a more sustainable Hawai’i.

What better way for surfers, watermen and waterwomen to stay healthy inside and out than with noni – the ancient fruit of the Hawaiians? A wonderful source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Hawaiian Ola is a pono product that Freesurf is proud to promote. Pick up one of their many flavors at a store near you (Foodland, Whole Foods, Longs, Times Market, Down to Earth, Big Save, Harvest Market and more).

One of the greatest superfruits of the world, every part of the noni
plant – from the roots to the fruit – is viable in terms of health, wellness and sustainability. As surfers, it’s important to take care of both our body and the land because this ensures personal well-being and a brighter future for the ‘aina. To keep learning, visit or pick up a bottle and try the good stuff for yourself.



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