J Weaver

First Name Basis: Luke Shepardson

First surfing memory?
My first surfing memory was my dad took me out to Freddie’s on his longboard and I was on a bodyboard on top of it, he caught a wave and pushed the body board off the long board and I was riding the wave right next to him. I thought I was going so fast and It felt like a huge wave to me but it was probably only 1 foot
Today you’re sponsored by North Shore Surf Shop. But let’s look back for a second. When/how did competition come into play? 
I’ve always wanted to compete. I grew up watching all the contest and skipping school to go to the contest. I knew one day I would be surfing in them. Hopefully one day I can one a big one haha
What are your career goals, and how do you plan on reaching these goals? What will it take from you to reach these goals? 
I want to be able to surf for a living but if that doesn’t work out I plan on becoming a lifeguard. I’m just gonna keep surfing and doing what I’m doing for the next couple years but I plan on becoming a lifeguard by the time I’m 25
Who do you look up to the most, and why? Has (if so, how) that person helped shape you into the person you are today? 
My mom because she has worked so hard to keep me and my brother and sister living out here. She has shaped me in to the person I am from what she has taught me.
Most scared you’ve ever been during a surf session? What’s the story behind it? 
There was this one session at phantoms like 3 years ago, it was good size like 15 feet maybe a few bigger ones. So I caught a couple smaller ones to warm up and then I was in position for a bigger one. I caught the wave and as I was taking off it looked like I was gonna get barreled so I was Turing up then the lip landed right behind me and exploded me. I hit the water super hard and it felt like I ripped my arm off, it went numb and I was getting super pounded then I finally came up had to swim under one more then I made it to the channel and stretched my arm and kept surfing.
Where can we find you during the winter on the North Shore? 
Where the waves are good at haha. Mostly Rockies when the waves aren’t big.

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