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History will be made again with the most premiere Pro Junior event in the sport of surfing. It is another opportunity for the next generation of aspiring professional surfers to test their skills at one of the most prestigious waves in the world.

The level of surfing will be  incredible with a truly international field. Surfers are coming from all over the world to have the opportunity to surf an event at Sunset Beach. The field consisted of surfer’s from Italy, Australia, Peru, Japan, South Africa, America, Hawaii, Costa Rica and Brazil. 112 men and 24 women will compete in the event.

There will be a live webcast with an all-star crew of commentators such as legends Pancho Sullivan, Barton Lynch, Myles Padaca, Joel Centio, Jason Shibata, Shane Beschen, Rocky Cannon, Kaipo Guerro, and others. The fact that this event has a live worldwide webcast and live tv on Time Warner 250 in Hawaii offers up an opportunity for unknown Surfers to come out of the wood work and make a name for themselves.

This event has and will be a stepping stone to ramping up the Pro Junior tour  and really giving the next generation of Professional Surfers the opportunity to compete in Hawaii in quality waves with a world wide audience.

Time is of the essence to make this event happen, and it is very crucial for potential sponsors and media outlets to come on board to create what could be the most historic Pro Junior in Surfing History.

What the surfing community is saying:

Tony Moniz: “Hawaii will always be the mecca of surfing and letting the Juniors have an opportunity to compete at this venue is priceless. Thank you for pioneering these events not only for Hawaii, but for the world”

Barton Lynch: “This event has the potential to become the most prestigious Pro Junior event in the World”

Dino Andino: “What an amazing event and really important for the future of surfing”

Shane Beschen: “This is definitely one of the most prestigious and important Pro Junior events in the world.”

Pancho Sullivan: “The Junior’s are about to seize the opportunity to showcase their surfing at one of the most prestigious venues in the world and put on amazing performances.

Dave Riddle: “The Sunset Beach Pro Junior is well organized, quality event that will give the kids a wonderful chance to take their game to a higher level.”

Peter King: “The event provides a great opportunity at the most pivotal stretch of beach in the world.”


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