Point Break 2 Slated for Christmas 2015

The release of Point Break has been pushed back from it’s July summer release and the public will now have to wait for next Christmas before watching the exploits of anguished FBI agent Johnny Utah as he tracks down a pack of surfing bank robbers.

Variety reports that Ramirez plays the part portrayed by Patrick Swayze in the 1991 original, while Bracey plays Johnny Utah, originally acted by Keanu Reeves.

Luke Bracey to play Johnny Utah and Edgar Ramirez to play Bodhi © IMDB


In case you have intentional-amnesia of early nineties surf-themed cinema, the plot revolves around Johnny Utah, on a mission to uncover the players in a local bank robbery ring. Reeves is trying to catch Swayze’s character, Bodhi, and in the process they do everything ‘extreme’: jump out of airplanes, surf and throw some really cheesy dialogue back and forth. It’s become a cult classic.

Alcon Entertainment acquired rights to the property and began developing it in 2011. Extreme sports have come a long way since the first Point Break which was released in 1991. What will we see with this Point Break version? Wingsuit flying? FMX? Kitesurfing through downtown L.A.? The mind boggles at all the possibilities.


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