Traveling this summer? Here’s our Baggage Fee Guide

It’s the ultimate pay to play scenario: In order to get to those blue water, barreling lefts and those empty and glassy rights in an international locale, you must first entrust your finely tuned quiver to airlines, who, after being paid a bit of cash, will store your surfboard until arrival. But there’s heaps of questions involved: How much will it cost? How many boards can you bring? Is your board bag too big? That’s why we compiled a bit of information to help you reach your destination with less hassle, so here’s baggage fee information you need to know before setting off on your summer surf trip.

Hawaiian Airlines | Allows one board bag up to 50 lbs, and the bag may contain any number of boards. Price also varies according to where you are traveling. Any neighbor Island: $35 and a max length of 131 inches. For all other destinations, max length is 115 inches. North America: $100. Free to Australia and New Zealand if it’s used as a checked bag. Japan, China, and Korea $150. Pago Pago $150. Papeete $150.

Aero Mexico | $75 within Mexico. International travel is $150. Max length allowed per piece on a narrow body cabin is 80 inches, and max length allowed per piece on a wide body cabin 115 inches. Max weight is 100 pounds.

Philippine Airlines | International bag fees are dependent on bag weight. 15 kgs max weight.

Air Canada | $50 handling fee per board. Counts as one piece of baggage. If the checked baggage allowance is exceeded, more fees apply. Two handling fees apply for two boards packed in the same bag.

Air New Zealand | Free. If a board is 6’5” or under, it counts as a standard checked bag. Board bags can contain more than one piece of related equipment. If board bag exceeds weight limit or if baggage allowance is exceeded, fees apply. Purchasing a pre-paid extra bag is cheaper.

Air Tahiti Nui | Free if not exceeding 50 pounds and 98 inches. Additional boards are subject to excess fees.

Qantas | Free as part of checked baggage allowance as long as it does not exceed 70 pounds and 9 feet. Excess fees apply if baggage allowance is exceeded.


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