The trophies before the final.

The trophies before the final.

The second jewel of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, this world-famous big wave venue showcases the extraordinary level of fitness each surfer must possess, since the waves are spread across a very large playing field. The Vans World Cup of Surfing is held at Sunset Beach, one of the most powerful and challenging waves on the planet. As the last qualifier event of the 2015 WSL Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour, tension is high for the athletes on the cusp of qualifying for the 2016 tour.

Considered the proving grounds for modern day power surfing, Sunset is one of the longest running events in pro surfing history and a true mark of achievement of each champion. Most surfers who ride big waves regularly would consider Sunset Beach one of the most consistent, powerful, challenging and exhilarating locations in the world. Even on smaller days, Sunset Point can be packed with power, but on days over 6 feet. it becomes a different animal entirely. After 10 feet and into the 15 feet. range, the true glory and challenge of Sunset becomes apparent.

A wide band of beach makes Sunset a fun place for families, just be wary of the shorebreak as it has been known to sweep people off their feet and into the impact zone within seconds.

Julian Wilson, World Cup event winner Photo: Masurel

Julian Wilson, World Cup event winner Photo: Masurel


• 128 surfers compete
• $250,000 prize purse
• QS 10,000
• Defending Champion: Michel Bourez, Tahiti


• A dominant right breaking wave ideal for high performance, big wave surfing.
• The West Bowl is a notorious barrel machine.
• Sunset breaks excellently on almost any swell direction ranging from the west all the way to northeast, however the quality of the ride depends mostly on wind conditions and tide, as opposed to swell direction.

• The lofty peaks are beautiful to watch, but always powerful and usually treacherous to ride.
• Can break from anywhere between 2ft. – 15ft before closing out.


• Public restrooms and showers are located across Kamehameha highway.
• Spectator viewing is on the sand and in the sun, with spots of shade provided from beach-bordering shrubs and trees.
• Binoculars are recommended for best view, since surfing takes place more than 100 yards out to sea.
• Competition will not take place on Thanksgiving Day.



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