Taj Burrow, Pipeline Masters Photo: Joli




Pipe Masters Photo: Mike Latronic
Pipe Masters Photo: Mike Latronic

The final world title deciding event of the Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour, the Billabong Pipe Masters, takes place at one of the most intense and exhilarating surf locations on earth – the Banzai Pipeline. Spectators can revel in this IMAX theatre-like venue, where surfers free fall twenty feet down the face of waves a mere
10 yards away. Regarded as the most dangerous wave in the world, Pipe has claimed more lives than any other wave – on average, one a year. Despite the death toll, Pipeline still attracts many wave riders because of its perfect shape and power. These beautiful, barreling waves are produced from swells hitting the shallow reef, and are the standard by which all other barreling waves are compared.

Ground-shaking performances happen at Pipe and three champions are crowned, it is the culmination of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing and a display of power like no other.

Pipemasters Photo: Heff
Pipemasters Photo: Heff


• Day 1 is comprised of the Pipe Invitational, which features 32 of Hawai’i’s best Pipe surfers and offers an additional $100k prize purse • 36 surfers compete in the main event
• Overall $525,000 prize purse
• Stop No. 11, final stop on the 2015 WSL Samsung Galaxy Championship Tour
• Defending Champion: Julian Wilson, Australia


• Predominantly a left-hander, Pipeline also includes the lengthy barreling right-hander of Backdoor. From a surfer’s perspective in the water, the left breaking wave is Pipeline. The right breaking wave is Backdoor.
• Waves are best on a west or northwest swell.
• The most dangerous wave in the world; more surfers have died riding Pipe than any other surf break.
• Beautiful, barreling waves are produced from swells hitting the shallow reef below.
• Pipeline is made up on a series of different reefs – first reef, second reef and third reef.


• Newly restored restrooms, showers and picnic tables are available on upper grassy level of the beach park.
• There is very little shade on the beach, aside from the sand bordering shrubs.
• This wave is the ultimate viewing experience for spectators because the waves break just 35 yards from shore.
• Cell phone service is spotty here.
• This year marks the 45th annual Pipe Masters event, which began in 1971.