Brazilian Show Room Presents the Surf n Sea Pipeline Womens Pro

From From March 16 – 24, watch the talented women of our sport fearlessly charge one of the most renowned surf breaks in the word, the infamous Banzai Pipeline, during the Brazilian Show Room Presents the 2015 Surf n Sea Pipeline Womens Pro. This exciting event is Stop No. 5 on the Women’s 2015 WSL Qualification Series and is worth 1,000 points and gives the girls a chance to surf Pipe with only three other ladies in the lineup.

Local talent and QS competitors have the opportunity to surf and compete at Pipe with only three other surfers in the water, making it an exciting experience for the women and a chance for spectators to watch an epic battle go down along Oahu’s North Shore. Last year’s champion, Kauai’s Bethany Hamilton, took home the trophy, $2,000 and the Banzai Sushi award for the best tube ride, besting North Shore’s Moana Jones, Japan’s Sayuri Hashimoto and North Shore’s Dax McGill in a technical final.
Mark the holding period on your calendar and tune into for updates! For more news, action and interviews with surfing’s top female athletes, be sure to check out or click the link to She Rips and see who Freesurf has highlighted in the past couple years. Spotlighting names like Tatiana Weston-Webb,Bethany Hamilton, Paige Alms and more, Freesurf’s She Rips online department is where you’ll see the best in professional surfing and up-and-coming female talent.

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