The North Shore of Oahu’s own Barron Mamiya just dropped his latest film titled, “Mind”. Shot on location in Oahu, Fiji, and Tahiti, this must-see 7-minute short was directed by Andrew Storer and produced by Ward Management. Beautifully shot and artistically edited, it digs into the headspace of one of Hawai’i’s most progressive athletes. With Mamiya’s huge airs and powerful surfing on display, the edit will (appropriately enough) blow your mind.

Directed By @andrewstorer
Produced by @wardmanagement
Filmed by — Andrew Storer, Gabe Caswall, Byrcen Mamiya, Landon Hayashi, Cole Yamane, Nick Liotta, Domenic Mosqueira Sponsors — Hurley, Nike SB, Chemistry Surfboards, SunBum, FCS, North Shore Surf Shop


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