Grom Report- Naluakea Cavasso

By Chris Latronic

Living his mother’s motto, ‘No scared ‘em, go get em’, Naluakea Ikaikameaolalani-Kawika Cavasso a.k.a. Nalu has been turning heads in every lineup he’s entered. Displaying raw natural surfing talent and a heart full of Aloha, this grom has been described as a ‘little animal
in the water’. The Waimanalo surfer is ready to take his surfing to
the local contests and show off some power-packed talent amongst Hawai‘i’s best. Look for Nalu in the lineup and on podiums island-wide soon!

Age / Grade: 10 / 5th grade
Height: 4’7
Weight: 73
Ethnicities: Hawaiian, German, Portuguese, Cherokee Indian, Mexican, Caucasian.

Homebreak: Sandy’s
Years surfing: My whole life. I was surfing with mommy since I was a baby.
Surfboard dimensions: 5’1 x 16” x 1 15/16 pin tail
Sponsors: none yet
School: Enchanted Lakes Elementary
Sports: Surfing only
Fav. subject: Math
Fav surf spot: V-land for country, Half Point Sandy’s for east side, and Kaisers for south shore

Fav pro surfer: Kelly & Mick Fanning for old sku , John John & Koa Rothman for younger
Fav meal in Hawai‘i: Poke bowl
Fav meal outside Hawai‘i: Pizza & snow crab

Fav shave ice flavor combo: Rainbow
Fav surf maneuver combo: Pulling in barrels
Biggest contest results: Haven’t entered enough to know

Growing up in Hawai‘i is a special privilege nowadays, tell me about your earliest memories of learning to surf and growing up in the islands.

I’m blessed to be born and raised in Waimanalo. The earliest memories of surfing was at Sherwoods and Bellows. My mom and dad love the ocean and growing up with my three brothers in the islands is so fun cuz we are always at the beach, on the boat or hiking somewhere.

Do you remember your first wave?

I got my first really long wave with my shortboard at Kaupo Bay/Baby Maks. I was with my mommy and older bro K’aena. I felt so excited to be on a real wave, feeling so free being able to enjoy God’s creation.

Tell me about the first moment you knew you were hooked on surfing?

I was hooked from the beginning of being in the ocean, and now want to become pro one day. pau I decided last year to focus mainly on surfing and quit all other sports. It’s all I want to do.

What are some goals you have for the future?

Short term, work on cut backs and enter contests. Long term, pursue my dream to be a professional surfer.

Do you have any role models or people who really inspire you?

My mom’s love for surfing inspired me, she took me all over with her to surf. My mommy is stoked cuz she says we share the same passion. I look up to my daddy and my mommy who take care of my brother and I and take us surfing. I also look up to my uncle Robert and uncle Pakana who have been helping coach me when they see me in the water.

What’s next for Nalu?

Just surf and enter contests!


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