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High Surf Advisory / Big Wednesday

Timmy Reyes dropping in to opening day at Waimea Bay on Monday. Photo: Keoki

Words: Shannon Reporting

Winter is on with full steam ahead. A High Surf Advisory has been issued for the Hawaiian Islands, which could mean an upcoming Big Wednesday for the North Shore of Oahu, coming in hot with a 317 degree northwest swell direction at 10 ft @ 24 second period overnight, dropping to 17 second period by sunrise on December 5th. In other words… it’s going to be huge!

Offshore winds are forecasted at 8-12 mph, lighter in the morning. According to Surfline’s forecast, Wednesday’s incoming swell could be noteworthy for the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational contest, although it is forecasted on the lower end of the required 20 ft minimum, 40 ft faces. The current numbers would compare the incoming swell as smaller than the last, which closed out Waimea Bay on Monday. Contest organizers are looking closely as the storm approaches in order to give a potential call in the coming hours. The following week of the 10th looks pretty active as well in the North Pacific, so plenty to monitor over the next week or two if you are excited for The Eddie!

Monday’s season opening swell knocked us off our feet November 26th, with giant 20ft + faces closing out Waimea Bay. The WSL Big Wave Tour held their Jaws Challenge in some of the biggest Pe’ahi conditions the event has ever seen. It grew so big in the afternoon, in fact, that the event had to go on hold and wait for the declining swell in order to complete the men’s event on the following day. Meanwhile, Honolua Bay spit fire into the Cave for the women’s CT event held at Maui’s perfect right-hander.

Stay tuned, as we will stream live coverage of Wednesday’s incoming swell via Freesurf Magazine’s social media. If the Eddie does not run, we will show you live coverage from Pipeline via @freesurfmag on Instagram and Facebook.com/freesurfmag.


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