Mural for Anti-Bullying Campaign

Surf Art Kids Completes its 14th Mural at Local School for Anti-Bullying Campaign.

On September 26th and 27th, artist Hilton Alves painted Surf Art Kids mural #14 at Kanoelani Elementary School in Waipio, Oahu. 780 children, community members and teachers participated in the mural project.

With the sponsorship and support of Vertical Technologies Hawaii, HaWyland Styles Gallery and Kanoelani’s Anti-Bullying Campaign, Alves’ donated a mural depicting a colorful sunset, a perfect wave and underwater cave scene. By the end of the first day of work, Hilton covered the entire wall with his art, leaving the bottom for students to collaboratively paint their favorite sea creatures. With the help of the Alves, volunteers and staff, the entire student body worked together to fill the bottom of the wall with their sea creatures.

Hilton Alves was honored to help bring a positive messages and feeling to the students of Kanoelani Elementary. Acording to KHON, Principal Kunihisa stated, “Our motto is, ‘We is greater than me’ and we’re just trying to combat bullying and make sure that everybody feels like it’s a place where they belong.”

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