Waimea Bay Photo: Keoki

The North Shore takes on Unruly Conditions

It was forecasted, the purple blob that has made itself known on weather maps was marching to the Hawaiian Islands. The winds forecasted to be in the 10-15mph range with gusts up to 35mph out of the NW. With a full moon in effect, tides are more drastic, in Hawaii terms, falling and rising up towards the 2+ft mark. Its nothing out of the ordinary but add one more factor to the brewing recipe, 30+ plus waves (60+ faces), then you have a concoction to test the North Shore’s infrastructure. It may not have been the biggest swell to grace the seven mile miracle, but it was definitely the nastiest.

Over at Makaha, the blue waters heaved up to 25+ (50+ faces) which was the only surfable big wave spot as a posse of North Shore and International chargers made the pilgrimage to the famed westside spot.



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