2nd Annual GromFest August 10, 2013 Poipu, Kauai

This year will mark the 2nd annual and after last years success, the Milosky Ohana along with our sponsors plan to go bigger and better just as Sion lived his life everyday.

The LIVE LIKE SION GROMFEST will be held on the 10th of August, 2013. This happens to be Sion’s birthday and we figured that there couldn’t be a better day and way to celebrate his life and love for the ocean.

The LIKE LIKE SION GROMFEST will be held on Kaua’i at Prince Kuhio park more commonly known as PK’S, where Sion grew up surfing and a place where Sion shared his love for the ocean with his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters. With this being said, the LIVE LIKE SION GROMFEST was created and designed with Sion’s legacy in mind with his belief of family first and for his love for the ocean at heart. It will be an event that celebrates Sions life with a fun day at the beach with ohana and friends.

The LIVE LIKE SION GROMFEST will be oriented around GROMS and FAMILY fun. With the help of our awesome sponsors, this event will be free to all who enter. All we ask is for a canned good donation to benefit Kauai Food Bank upon registering. This event will be an even bigger success then last years event in which we had over a hundred kids from ages 2 to parents up to 60+ years of age in the “pili” division. This year will be no different, there will be raffle tickets for prizes with proceeds going back to the LIVE LIKE SION FOUNDATION to help local charities on Kauai. The event will be an all day funfair and will finish up with food and an awards ceremony held at Poipu Beach Park.

This years day of family fun will be an event once again for unrated kids. This will help get GROMS into surfing without the pressure of having to perform but instead focusing more on setting a solid foundation of having fun in the ocean through the sport of Surfing.

The LIVE LIKE SION GROMFEST will have divSIONs starting from Keiki push-in and ranging all the way up to 12-under. This event primarily focuses on the Keiki. However, there will be the “PILI” diviSION which will feature a 12-under Keiki and an adult who both surf in separate heats and use their top two scores from each to create a total TEAM score. Top score as a team wins the diviSION. This diviSION was designed with Sion in mind and his love for having fun in the ocean with friends and ohana.

We hope to see everyone at this years 2nd Annual LIVE LIKE SION GROMFEST. If you would like to help and or contribute in any way through lending a hand or making a donation, please contact Contest Director, Milo Murguia at milokauai@gmail.com. Thank you for all the love and support and we look forward to your help as we celebrate Big wave waterman Sion Miloskys legacy!

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