Kaoli Kahokuloa Photo: Tony Heff

Get in on the action

The winter swells have started up, and as if I don’t have enough on my plate, I decided to complicate the way we do things with the incoming stream of photos from our staff of shooters. But hopefully this will lead to more great sessions, and make it easy to link up with the people we want to shoot with. The idea is to announce on Twitter, when we are shooting and where we are shooting. Hopefully those who wish to get in front of the camera will take this opportunity to find us. This of course excludes and exclusive photo shoots and or secret spots. We also will be posting the highlight images from that session on our photoshelter located here: http://www.freesurfphotos.com/gallery-collection/North-shore-season-2015-2016-personal-use-only/C0000gJZcl6a2k0A

Surfers then will then be able to view their photos for free (with a watermark) they will also have the option to  download the photos without a watermark for $25. Anything downloaded can be used for personal use only. This excludes third party for commercial use, and photos must be tagged @Freesurfmag as well as credit given to the photographer.
I hope this new system helps to create more opportunities to link up with our photographers and videographers as well as provide those surfers we work with images that can be used on social media or other means of self-promotion. So follow us on twitter and set alerts to your phone!
North Shore Photo: Tony Heff
North Shore Photo: Tony Heff

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