Flynn Novak Frontside Air


This photo of Flynn Novak was published in freesurf magazine a while back. As usual, the same image was seen on freesurf’s Facebook, instagram, their instagram, Flynn’s instagram which is all good, and as expected with the print usage. But this particular image also ended up on Zinka’s instagram account, and they were nice enough to respond to my email, and told me to send an invoice. Of course, this is the ideal situation you hope for when a company reposts your photo on their social media account. So, Zinka, i applaud’s not just a good sunscreen. Also, a company run by good people.

For those of you who have had photos reposted like this in the past, I encourage you to reach out to them politely and establish a more mutually beneficial relationship with them, and don’t settle for a photo cred tag for more followers.
Below is a screenshot of a scale set by some of the surf industry’s leading professional photographers and agencies. this is from 2014, so the scale may have increased since then, but you get the idea..
Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.12.40 AM

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