While strapped to my desk this morning on deadline for our big Triple Crown of Surfing issue, I came across a disturbing photo of a swimmer who was recently bit by a shark nearly 50 yards off the coast of lanikai beach,’s a screenshot of my desktop.
This is the second attack in just 8 days on the island. Having to swim with a camera while I work, the shark situation begins to weigh on my mind. I recently had a close encounter while shooting with Seth Moniz and Zeke Lau by Diamondhead earlier this year. I couldn’t think of a worse way to go than to be eaten by another animal. So I spent the remainder of the morning researching shark repellent devices. Sharkbanz are only $59? They aren’t proven to ward off all sharks, but I’m seriously considering buying one, like, immediately.

I also can’t help but think if the recent spike in human interaction with sharks is positive for them. With good intentions, lately people seem infatuated with willingly putting themselves in close quarters with these mysterious creatures. Perhaps we need to consider that combined with overfishing and all the other factors that are decimating their numbers we’re crossing a bridge of familiarity with these top predators that may eventually lead to more attacks, and potentially more culling. : (

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