Lens Women- Amber Mozo

The DNA Amber Mozo received from her parents included more than brown hair, brown eyes and
a snow white smile; it also included an eye for photography. After her father, Jon Mozo, passed away in an accident at Pipeline in 2005, camera equipment remained around the house and Amber eventually asked her mother if she could tinker with it. “With my Dad being a very well known water photographer, that really influenced me to work hard,” she says. “He had so much success in his career because of his dedication and passion and that reminds me everyday to do what I love and to shoot from my heart.” Today, the 21-year-old’s photography takes her to different countries on a regular basis, from the rice terraces in Bali to the crystal clear waters of Fiji. She’s even working on a book entitled “Chasing Light, set to release in the Fall. In her own words, the book is about “choosing to live your life in the light despite the challenges and tugs of life. It’s based on a trip that my family did after my Dad died when we left Hawaii and backpacked around the world to learn, grow and chase light..”

Naturally there are differences with being a wahine photographer. Boys can take a pretty bad beating in the water when the waves are pumping and I’ll sit out for that but that doesn’t get me down. I can shoot from land or shoot another spot where the waves aren’t as hectic and still get a beautiful shot that same day. Different artists/ photographers can speak to all types of audiences, boy or girl.

I have the Canon 5D mark II. I love the camera – People tell me that the Canon 5DMark II is old school and to upgrade but I don’t want to put it down. It works well with my style of shooting.


Surfing really inspires my work. I love watching people surf on all types of boards and on all types of waves. It’s a beautiful dance to me. It makes me happy to be able to capture that moment. Style changes and forms over years, any artist can relate to that. I try to tell a story in one photo, making people feel what I’m feeling. I want people to feel the stories behind my photos and to always remember how they feel when looking at my images. I guess my theme would be life is beautiful. Live what you love!


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