Sharp Shooters

Austin Moore

Age: 22
Hometown: San Diego, California

“What I love about surf photography is how happy it makes me. The adrenaline from nailing a shot to getting caught inside is all such a blast. I always get out with a smile on my face no matter the session. I love being able to share the photos with my friends and family, and their responses are priceless to me.

Currently, I use a Canon 7D Mark II with an SPL water housing and like to shoot with my fisheye the most, but I also use a 50mm when it gets really scary. I’m always in a wetsuit with my Gath helmet and trusty Da Fins when I swim out.

My biggest photography inspirations are Zak Noyle, Daniel Russo, and Todd Glaser. All their work inspires me to push myself out in the surf, and they all get mental shots with wide angles and fisheyes. My mom is also one of my biggest inspirations and I couldn’t have started my photography journey without her.”

“I only met Austin this year, but I have been a fan of his work and what he’s done. There are some angles that make me think, ‘I wish I shot that.’ He gets it. He told me he had been using the 16-35 like mine, which is not an easy lens to use, but he has shot some great stuff with it.” – Zak Noyle

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