Sharp Shooters

Kammeran Keola

Age: 20
Hometown: Kaneohe, O’ahu

“I love surf photography for many reasons. It allows me to express myself and to tap into my creative mind, because there are so many ways to photograph the ocean. I also love being able to share my images with people all around the world, with those who may never get to see it for themselves. The friends I’ve made through taking pictures is the reason why I love doing this.

The gear I am currently using is a Canon 80D secured in an Aquatech Water Housing.

Photographers who inspire me in and out of the water are: Zak Noyle, Amber Mozo, Corey Wilson, Warren Keelan, and Andrew Semark – not only because of their photography, but for their amazing personalities.”

“When I look at his Instagram shots, there are such beautiful colors shining through. He has lighting dialed. His work reminds me of Corey Wilson’s looks. Every post is so well-thought-out. I just post the latest thing I can find [laughs]. All of these guys and girls are shooting images I wish I shot. It’s not jealousy, but more like admiration. When I look at Kammeran’s work, I often find myself thinking, ‘Damn, that’s a great shot.’” – Zak Noyle

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