Sharp Shooters

Zoard Janko

Age: 23
Hometown: Born in Békéscsaba, Hungary (moved to the US at age 5)

“Being in the water is always a good time no matter what you’re doing. It clears your mind of all the commotion in order to focus is what’s happening right now. There’s a feeling of satisfaction when you get good shots and can look back on them and fully take it in; it all happens so quick when you’re watching it. I really enjoy is capturing the best moments in people’s lives; those are the things that stay with you forever. If I summed it up in one sentence: I just love how waves look, so I’m capturing as many as I can.”

I currently shoot with a Canon 1DX Mark II in a Aquatech Housing with a 16-35mm or 70-200mm.

Brent Bielmann takes amazing shots and has helped me learn so much. Szilard Janko (my brother) takes unreal underwater shots, especially of sharks. Zak Noyle inspired me to pull the trigger on buying an AxisGO housing, which I enjoy shooting with. Clark Little blows my mind with some of the shorebreak he takes on the head and his mutant barrel shots.”

“I met Zoard this year when he was lifeguarding; he’s out in the water all the time. I like his perspective, pulling it back and shooting in a different way. He’s separate from the pack. He’s not copying the other guys; he’s doing his own thing with a longer lens.” – Zak Noyle

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