Big Island: Jonah Morgan at Pipe

Miller's Surf and Sport presents a highlight reel of Jonah Morgan sliding through fun-sized Pipeline barrels in this week's #BigIsland segment.

DK wars Big Island

2/4/17 ...When it's all said and done...It's not about the wins and losses...It's about the stoke and the love of what we do and who we do it with...thank u everyone for making awesome memories... Mahalos to @millerssurf for making this possible @dkwars for cr...

Big Island: Ikaika Kalama

Miller's Surf and Sport presents homegrown native Ikaika Kalama threading a Pipeline cavern in this week's #BigIsland segment.

Big Island Segment: Robert Patterson

Miller's Surf and Sport presents homegrown native Robert Patterson putting his own self-shaped equipment to the test in the big wave arena of Sunset Beach in this week's #BigIsland channel.   http://...

Big Island Segment: Shayden Pacarro

Miller's Surf and Sport presents a bevy of backside turns from homegrown native Shayden Pacarro in this week's #BigIsland segment.

The County of Maui purchases 267 acres @ Peahi

The County of Maui purchased 267.74 acres of former plantation land for $9.49 million in East Maui, near Peʻahi. The land, also referred to as the Haʻikū Sugar East Subdivision, consists of four lots and inc...

14th Annual Malama Wai’aha Roots Body Board Contest

August 13, 2016 Celebrating the birth beach of modern body boarding & the only free contest for the community, put on by the community. Kane 11 and under: 1 Kainoa Kamehaiku 2Kekai Posolda 3Kaina Paaoao 4Max Germond Kane 12-14: 1Keoni Avanilla 2Kena...


Story by Shawn Pila Photos by Shawn Pila and Tyler Rock On Friday, March 18th, the first day of the 6th Annual Boogie’s Pohoiki Bay Surfing Classic was held at sunny 2 to 3 foot Pohoiki Bowl. The black lava rock-ridden shoreline played host t...